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About Us

We Truly Care About Your Health

 At the Paw Paw Hemp Company, our focus for 2019 is on growing and harvesting quality organic hemp strains in SW Michigan. Working closely with the Michigan Department of Agriculture Research and Development office under a pilot program, we will endeavor to set the standard for quality production and processing. 

Embracing a farm collective model, we are currently focused on Southwest Michigan, considered one of the states ideal growing regions.  

As we continue to build our SW Michigan farm collective, the Paw Paw Hemp Company and/or our affiliates will consider investing with our farmer partners by providing direct access to resources, genetics, seeds, soil amendments, harvesting plans/technology, and sale of bio-mass material, smoke-able flower, alternative health products, and extracted crude oil from Michigan Hemp farming.

Our Philosophy

  We are committed to producing and supplying the finest quality Michigan Hemp production in the market while working with our local and growing community to ensure that hemp farming becomes a viable crop to help sustain our challenged farming communities.

 We want to empower our Farmers, Friends, and their Families to live healthier, more eco-friendly lives through the production of hemp. 

We believe in sustainable agricultural practices. Growing outdoors allows the plants to be fully immersed in natural sunlight, moonlight and natures general biorhythms, creating truly natural full spectrum cannabinoids in our plants. We work very hard maintaining our value-added support systems ensuring natural and organic practices from germination to extraction. 

Reputation and Quality

 As a quality oriented hemp farming production collective of Michigan Hemp farms, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the highest quality Hemp,  CBD oil, and alternative health products. We do not believe in using synthetic soil inputs and artificial growing aids in order to maximize our plant yields.  

We use regenerative, organic and holistic approaches to our operations, ensuring the health of our eco-environment is always at the forefront of our decision making. Living soil and clean farm practices mean healthy, happy plants and superior CBD production, allowing us to continue to support our environmental and agricultural impact initiatives.

A little about our Products

What is CBD Anyway?

 Cannabinoids are natural constituents of Hemp Oil that are extracted from the hemp plant. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, a well-known cannabinoid, is just one of many cannabinoids and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract and is considered to have a wide variety of wellness properties. 

Though hemp is cannabis, hemp is not marijuana, making CBD derived from hemp legal in all 50 states, and it does not get users high.

Paw Paw Hemp processing produces what is referred to as a “Full Spectrum” product.  This means that we are not isolating any one specific cannabinoid, but rather, using the full spectrum of all cannabinoids to work synergistically, as nature intended.


While we do grow varieties that are bred to be higher in CBD than other cannabinoids, we feel that this is just a starting point in the holistic exploration that is now occurring with all cannabinoids in the study of natural health blending with modern wellness practices.

All of our production and alternative health products comply with Federal laws and State requirements and does not contain THC levels exceeding 0.3%.



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 We welcome all inquiries, whether you are an extractor in need of biomass, hemp farming, a farmer interested in joining our collective, a researcher needing to commission the growing of specific strains for research, or if you are a potential consumer wanting to learn more about Michigan Hemp farming and what we do. 

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